• Is anybody there?

    I had to include this cartoon in my blog. This is so important to any business – customer service. You must be available, in the moment, [...]
  • Horror Stories Wanted

    I’m looking for horror stories. Video production is a learning process. Everyone makes mistakes. Stuff happens! How we react, how we [...]
  • cw23 logo

    March 2015 meeting

    Our Next meeting Monday, March 16, 2015 TOPIC 1 Field Trip at the CW23 TV station, 1640 Como Ave, St. Paul, MN 55108 TOPIC 2 Timothy from [...]
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    Lessons Learned 01

    LESSONS LEARNED 01 “We don’t know what we don’t know”. A cliche – yes, but true none-the-less. During the late [...]
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    Then & Now 01

    Then and Now 01 My 7 Paradigm Shifts I thought I would start this new segment of my blog that I call “Then and Now” with a flashback [...]
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    Lessons Learned 02

    LESSONS LEARNED 02 This is a follow up to my previous post Lessons Learned 01 I am going to title this lesson ” You can’t have enough [...]
  • Welcome to the MPVA

    by Allan Block allan@mpvblog.com
 visit our www.MPVA.net website for more information. This is my first blog post to the Minnesota Professional [...]