Is anybody there?

toon-3310I had to include this cartoon in my blog. This is so important to any business – customer service. You must be available, in the moment, authentic. Many businesses have lost the personal communication, customer service, the credibility of a real voice – the trust that comes with personal interaction. Our video production businesses may be creative and one of a kind, but we are also a commodity. Lots of people can do video –  some better, some worse – and many times the only thing that differentiates us is customer service. Answer your phone -stay in touch. Out of sight IS out of mind.    

Horror Stories Wanted

I’m looking for horror stories. Video production is a learning process. Everyone makes mistakes. Stuff happens! How we react, how we recover and hopw we learn from our mistakes – these are the lessons we learn from our experienced MPVA members. Please contact Allan Block at with your story so we caln all be entertained and learn some cvaluable lessons.l